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You can read about our many travels, from Europe to Canada/Alaska, and our great experiences here in the lower 48.  I’ve made a few organizational changes to the site, but all the posts are still here.

Ma Turtle


When it gets too hot and muggy in Florida, it’s time to visit other parts of the country.  Obviously, in 2013, we visited Canada and Alaska and that trip has its own link below the links to Walt Disney World.  You can read about our summer trips starting in 2014 here.


What isn’t to like about Florida in fall, winter, and spring? Summer tends to be a bit hot for us, but then we normally are north of Florida by then. Walt Disney World is our main destination, especially the International Food and Wine Festival held at EPCOT. The links below will take you to posts about the Food & Wine Festival and other things Disney, and maybe some things that aren’t Disney-related.


My husband and I traveled to western Canada and Alaska in the summer of 2013.  We hope to visit the central and eastern provinces some time in the future, but haven’t yet made any definite plans.  If you click on the yellow link below, it will take you to a page with all of the posts from our 2013 adventure.




You can read my posts from our trip to Europe in 2012.  Just click on the link (in bolded yellow below) to get to a page that lists all of the individual posts from our 3 week trip in May of 2012.  Happy reading.




Posted April 10, 2013 by turtleshell1

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